Here in the Boise Valley, like the rest of Idaho, there are many creepy crawly small invaders. The most popular and most feared are spiders. There are many spiders very common in Boise, Idaho, such as:  the Hobo Spider, Black Widow, Cross Orbweaver, Zebra Jumper, and the Wolf Spider.


Hobo Spider

This spider is amongst the most common and dangerous in all of Idaho.  It builds a funnel shaped web where it retreats usually near the ground and next to man-made structures.  It is common under rocks or debris as well.  There are Hobo Spiders in almost ever single home in Idaho.  They will wander into the basement or crawl space or in other areas of the home.  Their bite can be very harmful. Check out this link from our local news station

black_widowBlack Widow

The Black Widow spider is a very easily recognized spider and one of the most feared. It can be identified by a black, glossy, enlarged backside with a red hourglass shape.  It likes dark and damp places, which is why garages, sheds, and crawl spaces are very common for this spider.  When bitten symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dizziness and fainting, chest pain and respiratory problems can occur as well.  Although death is fairly uncommon, a bite from this spider is very alarming.

Cross Orbweaver

This spider usually has an orange tint to it and white spots on the abdomen.  It creates and sits on a classic orb web usually outside of structures.

Zebra Jumper

The Zebra Jumper is one of the easier spiders to identify.  It is a small specimen with a zebra-like pattern on it.It is a jumping spider so it appears to jump as it moves. It spends its day hunting on fences and sides of walls and other areas like that.

Wolf Spider

This spider is identified as hairy, brown, and usually fairly large in size.  It will have a dark brown stripe going along its back as well.  Usually it is found in the outdoors and usually will migrate constantly to hunt rather than create a permanent dwelling.


The fear of spiders or arachnophobia is one of the greatest fears to humans.  Spiders can be harmful and will invade homes here in Idaho.  There is no substitute for calling your local Brax Pest Control representative so he can get professional products around your home to prevent this.

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