Mice-infestationMice and other small rodents are very common in Idaho due to the cold weather in the winter and the high amount of fields and grassy areas. Mice will enter the home in any crack or crevice that they can find, usually looking for warmth or a food source. They can enter in through holes in the wall or foundation, through the vents in the crawl space or through openings for wiring or piping.

Mice are so good at finding a way in that they can squeeze through a hole no bigger than the eraser of a pencil. Some types of field mice called voles even burrow down through the ground and into the crawl space and can do thousands of dollars worth of damage.

When dealing with mice it is best to take preventative measures before a problem occurs. Plug up all holes to the home with steel wool. Steel wool is a something that mice cannot chew through. If you are to use something else there is a good chance the mice will be able to gnaw through it.

However, if you do have an existing problem call Brax Pest Control. Our trained technicians know what to look for to get rid of existing mice and prevent them from coming back. Using professional bait stations, mechanical traps and other measures, Brax Pest Control can get rid of any rodent problem, big or small.