boxelderBox Elder Bugs are a type of flying insect that resides here in Idaho. They are generally harmless and fall under the classification of a nuisance pest. This means that really their only concern is that they are very bothersome and that their feces sometimes stain light-covered surfaces.

Box Elder Bugs usually can be found in homes and on exteriors of structures where the sun shines most. They can be identified as being orange, brown, red, or black in color and usually multiple will cluster together. They can enter in your home from cracks in walls or around windows and doors.

To prevent the entry of these irritating bugs consider caulking any crevices from the exterior. If they have already entered in the home try vacuuming them up or removing them by hand. Washing away the bugs from the structure will likely drown the insects, thus taking care of the problem.

Avoid smashing or crushing the insects because they can emit an odor. However, these pesky bugs will return unless a residual treatment is applied to the home. For that, call Brax Pest Control. We have products to get rid of existing bugs and to prevent others from coming in the home.