Ants are probably the most easily recognized group of insects on the planet. This is because they occupy virtually every part of the world. There are estimated to be over 20,000 species of ants on the planet.

Biology and Identification:

Almost every ant colony is started by just one inseminated female, which is the queen. From that one single ant, a colony can grow up to several hundred in size or several million.

They are usually divided into three different classes within the colony; males, queens, and workers.



Males: Males are larger than worker ants but smaller than the queen. They have ocelli or simple eyes on top of their heads, wings, and their eyes are large and their antennae are long and thin. The only responsibility that a male has is to mate with the queen.

Queen: The queen is the largest in size of the whole colony.  She starts off with wings but upon mating she loses them.She has a very large abdomen for egg storage and production. Scars can be seen where her wings were once present.

Workers: Workers are the gatherers of the colony. These are the ants that you are probably seeing if you have an ant issue in your home.They usually lack the simple eyes on top of the head. Large workers are called soldiers or majors and the smaller workers are called minors.

carpenter ant damage

Carpenter Ant Damage

The reason that ants are of concern, as stated above, they can seriously affect the lives of humans. For example, Carpenter ants. Carpenter ants destroy wood and use it to nest, such as the wood of homes or structures. Unlike termites, Carpenter ants do not eat the wood, rather they hollow it out.

With these ants there will usually be a mound of sawdust present, thus giving you a clue as to what you are dealing with. There is serious concern if you have Carpenter ants.  They will damage your structure, making it insecure. Let one of our professional technicians come and inspect your home and crawl space for these ants.

As for other common types of ants like sugar ants that are typically seen inside the home, less drastic damage is caused. Sugar ants enter your house looking for a food source, which is why they are often found in the kitchen. Regularly doing the dishes, sweeping the floor and keeping your home and kitchen clean will drastically reduce the chance of having ants in your home.

pavement-ants-150x150Pavement ants are another very common ant here in Idaho. They burrow their way in the cracks of driveways and pavement making small mounds of dirt that they have excavated. These ants are very recognizable because of the mound building.


No matter what type of ants they are, they will be bothersome and annoying at best. Ants are some of the hardest pests to get rid of as well. Without professional knowledge and professional products it will be very difficult to take care of the problem. Weather you have a current problem or want to be safe and get a friendly but effective product down now to prevent the ants, call Brax Pest Control.  We can do it all!